Kurupt: Kendrick & I Are Cool After My “King of NY” Tirade

www.vladtv.com – Kurupt and his brother Roscoe reacted to the “We Can Freak It” rapper’s previous interview with VladTV, where he addressed Kendrick Lamar’s “King of New York” line on “Control.”

Roscoe revealed that they were on tour when the interview dropped, but he knew his brother had “done something” after he started getting calls about the video. Kurupt clarified that his reaction “wasn’t about disrespecting or being angry with people, ” but it was rather about clearing the air on an old situation.

When asked if he’d spoken to Kendrick since the video dropped, Kurupt revealed that they chopped it up, and it was “nothing but love” between them, which you can hear more about in the above clip.


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