Mook: Keith Murray vs Fredro Starr Could Be Bad For Battle Rap – Presentation, preparation, location, wittiness, and performance styles of Battle rap may have changed over the years. “80’s” and “90’s” rappers who’ve vigorously battled toe to toe in basements, street corners, and for minor crowds are entirely different from today’s persona of the culture.

In this clip, Harlem’s own Murda Mook explains his extreme “high hopes,” expectations, and disapprovals of the highly anticipated battle between Hip Hop legend’s, Fredro Starr and Keith Murray. Mook, who co-hosted the battle, says he’s a fan of both Starr and Murray. He then goes on to explain that he believed Fredro Starr performed well but the event lost some steam as the rappers chose to rap over beats and was overshadowed by shenanigans on Murray’s part – which Murray apologized for in a post-battle interview with VladTV.

Mook went on to discuss the lack of celebrities at the battle considering the two adversaries come from the Golden Era of hip-hop. While many stars did not attend, “I’m sure they watched it.” He then commented on the heavy ridicule the battle received about negatively affecting the culture. “To the untrained eye [this matchup] is [bad for the culture]. But if you go deeper I believe it helps us – the idea helped us. I don’t think the execution of the event – not the event as whole – the main performance was bad…It helps us as well because it brings more people in,” explained the veteran battle rapper.

To hear Mook elaborate on where the event fell short and where it was helpful, check out the above clip.


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  • Blacktheslave

    We used to "snap" on each other called "Joaning" or "Playing the dozens" All this "Battle Rap" acapella TOURNAMENT shit is some ole MADE FOR T.V SHIT. We used to do this shit on the regular. It wasn't no fucking REFEREE and shit, THAT SHIT IS SOME OLE CORNY ASS HOLLYWOOD SHIT. This shit is all corny and fake MADE FOR T.V BULLSHIT. THIS IS BASED ON REAL LIFE CULTURE IN THE LOW INCOME ENVIRONMENTS AND IS NOW COMMERCIALIZED FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION. Nobody recorded any of this shit we used to do this shit EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK on the steps, on the bus, at the lunch table. It wasn't something like all this YOUTUBE shit it was just teenagers being teenagers IN EVERYDAY LIFE. Now this shit has been capitalized on and who makes the MOST money from these shows? Not the low income RESIDENTS.

  • Kemuri Katani

    In the late 80's to mid 90's we could battle with a set of well known verses. It was all crowd reaction. Shit….. Some dudes won because more people in the crowd knew your rhyme and would rhyme with you. If that happened you were done, no matter how dope your verse was.

  • arliciawalker

    I kept pressing the repeats button, I literally laughed my ass off, but you can fredro was madd because he had to battle a person who obvious on something and everybody could SEE Keith was on something that night of the battle wow! 🙂 But still booth rappers path the way for Rap! But still I liked the battle show, In kinda crazy way!!!! lol

  • cory299e8

    this whole "battle rap" thing is bad for hip hop overall. fuckin talkin tuff with referees around? actin like its beef but everybody knows shit ain't about to pop off cuz its all a show? Man, I always feel embarrassed for the guy actin hype when we all know he aint really about that life AND for the guy not smackin the shit out of a man all in his face like that. Plus this whole obsession with acapella is just an excuse to not hafta have any rhythm or decent cadence. Fuck outta here with that def poetry jam nonsense. The whole thing is just spoken word meets pro wrestling fakeness.

    Put a beat on and rock to it, make me nod my head. That's what mc skills are. Stop actin tuff in an environment where its understood that nobody's gonna put their money where their mouth is. That's some sucka shit. rant over.

  • North Trenton New Jersey

    How could young people grade and correct grown and more experience rappers such as Fredro Starr and Keith Murray?? No diss to Mook but JESUS!! I don't want nobody younger than him correcting and grading Mook when he's done Rap and Battle Rap years before the 90's born kids got into Battling.

  • ThatUncutRaw

    I agree with Mook, as far as Fredro being surprising. He did good, as far as expectations go. Also, Keith Murray being so damn awful made him look even better. But if you think that Keith Murray could hang at a URL event with even a PG cat, you're on whatever Keith was on in the battle. Not saying he couldn't be decent with a lot of practice/"tutelage" (as Mook called it), but I KNOW he wouldn't be able to tango with the pros. That's just being honest.

  • ronell cowens

    You know Your performance was Super Terrible when You actually Hurt someone emotionally and now their depressed and have to question there friendship with you

  • Keith R

    Keith couldnt even ride the damn beats right, he did on the last beat. But then Fredo got on and showed him how to better ride that beat too, Fredo was murdering the beats on que.

  • Roosevelt Fair

    medication Keith my ass! dude was on that non new York triple stepped on blow. I know fish scale behavior when I see it. you can't mix alcohol with quality coke. period!

  • Roosevelt Fair

    really? a old head that can't handle his dope? foh! dude took it like a old school rap review show ie. in it for some quick money. shame these industry washed up cats straight deebo battle raps shine.

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