Ayoo KD On Slim Jesus: He’s Scary – He Told the World That

www.vladtv.com – Chicago rapper Ayoo KD is not a fan of those who imitate drill music. Last Summer he took aim at Bobby Shmurda for “copying” Chicago artists’ distinct flow, and just a few months ago he did the same to Slim Jesus on his diss track “F**k Slim Jesus.” “He’s scary, bro. He told the world that,” Ayoo KD told us during our exclusive interview.

Ayoo KD doesn’t consider Slim’s honesty to be honorable, and “if you’re from the city [of Chicago] you shouldn’t honor that either. We really live our life like it’s our last – you walk out the door you’ll probably get shot, killed, anything,” he explained. “It’s crazy out here…You ain’t from here bro, you don’t know how this s**t be.”

Watch on as Ayoo KD calls Slim Jesus’ mic-snatching incident “the end of his career” and sheds some light on his conversation with Diddy up top.


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