Whitesboro, NY Votes to Keep Seal of Settler Strangling Native American

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding Whitesboro, New York as an informal vote on Jan. 11th decided to allow the village to keep their controversial and racist seal.

The current emblem depicts a white settler strangling a Native American. Yet, according to the village’s official website and its mayor, Patrick O’Connor “[as with] everything else, I think you have to take all the facts into consideration. And if people take the time to do that and they reach out to us, or they do the research themselves, it’s actually a very accurate depiction of friendly wrestling matches that took place back in those days.”

An uproar happened on social media as a petition to replace the seal that appears on Whitesboro vehicles, documents and letterheads, circulated with hashtags like #takeitdown, #changetheseal, and #nottheonion.

A viral image has surfaced of Comedian AJ Foster appropriating the seal with fellow comedian Larry O’Grady. Foster who lives in Whitesboro, say as a Black man he can relate to the prejudices and injustices depicted by the seal. He just wanted to bring some light to the issue by using some humor in front of the city sign he noticed a few months back, posting to Instagram, “I got you my Native American brothas!”

Should Whitesboro change its seal out of respect for Indigenous people?


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