G Herbo Addresses Safaree Showing Him a Gun in the Studio with Nicki Minaj

G Herbo – formerly known as Lil Herb – has been busy in the studio working on new projects, including a new collaboration with Tink and Timbaland which he spoke about exclusively with VladTV. The Chicago rapper said the project should be out soon, and when asked about working with Timbaland, G Herbo said it was surreal for such a respected producer to be feeling the songs that he played in the studio.

During the conversation the “Retro Flow” rapper also spoke about his name getting involved in Nicki Minaj’s leaked text messages to Safaree, where she got mad at her ex for showing Herbo a gun in the studio. The Chicago rapper told us that despite Nicki seeming mad in the texts from that night, she was open and welcoming in the studio.

You can hear more from Herbo in the above clip, including his thoughts on Meek Mill and 50 Cent beefing, and how he would react if someone made a diss track about him.


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