Layzie Bone Denies Eazy-E Was Ever Harmed by Suge Knight

Layzie Bone and Rocky Rock of Mo Thugs Music recently sat down with DJ Vlad, and naturally Layzie had a lot to share about the late, great Eazy-E. At one point during the clip Layzie Bone admits to shedding a tear during Eazy’s death scene in Straight Outta Compton, however he did notice a few discrepancies in the biopic.

“You know how tall E was?,” he asked DJ Vlad when asked about the rumored altercation between Eazy-E and Suge Knight. “About 5’2 or some s**t like that. That n**a was really built like a tank, hard to hit, he was low to the ground and look how big that n***a Suge was.” Like other members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Layzie Bone doesn’t believe the scene played out as such in real life, especially since “E wasn’t quiet like that.” “I believe the little signing part because I think we would’ve knew if E got beat up,” he added.

Watch and listen as Layzie Bone comments on the infamous contract dispute with Ruthless Records (“I don’t think nobody had a perfect deal coming in the gate) and how fans of the group are still moved by “Crossroads” nearly 20 years later.


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