Taxstone on 50 Cent’s Meek Memes: That Side of Hip-Hop Needs to Stop

Earlier this year 50 Cent relentlessly went at Meek Mill with memes on his Instagram page after the Philly rapper dissed him on his “4/4” EP, and famed podcaster Taxstone weighed in on the situation. While he admits that the memes were entertaining, Taxstone told us that rappers responding to one another with memes and via social media needs to stop. He also added that it seemed like Fif didn’t feel like he needed to respond with a diss track, because “not that many people are afraid of Meek Mill’s music.”

During the conversation Taxstone also touched on the tension between himself and Hot 97 host Ebro, which he said caught him off guard. Taxstone told us that he never knew that Ebro had a problem with him since their in-person meetings were always cordial.

Hit the above video to hear more of what Taxstone had to say, including why he believes Drake’s alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller lacks the swag to make it big.


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