Jhonni Blaze – “Problems” (Official Music Video)

Jhonni Blaze – “Problems” (Official Music Video)


http://www.vladtv.com – “Problems” (Official Music Video)
Produced by Youngstarr Beatz
Directed by Dang Films

Jhonni Blaze blew us away with her singing skills last year, and her singles and collaborations with today’s hottest stars have taken her career to new heights in recent months.

The former “Love & Hip-Hop” reality star is back again with her new track and video for “Problems,” a single about a relationship gone sour. In the video, Jhonni pours her heart out over a man while playing the piano, proving once again she’s more than just a pretty face.

Her upcoming mixtape, Cut From A Different Cloth, was slated to release earlier this month, but this should hold us off in the mean time. Watch Jhonni belt out some serious high notes in the visual for “Problems” above.

Check out more music from Jhonni on her YouTube channel, The Jhonni Show.




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  3. I like jhonni blaze she very talented so what she strip before she has a nice voice and can play instruments as well she trying to better than what she use to do so everyone needs to get over the past she doing what she loves to do and that is singing so continue to do what you do jhonni blaze love your music