www.vladtv.com – Most of us can agree that Chicago has popularized drill music like no other, but according to Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka (and interviewer Drea O), he played a big part in creating the sound for the newer artists of today.

For argument’s sake, Waka Flocka has crossed a variety of genres in his music and doesn’t define himself as just a drill artist. “I’m an entertainer,” he told Drea O during a recent sit-down. When asked about the drill music that’s out today, he said “I like it, I love. But I just want to see them make some dollars off of it and not just make a body count. Make some business out of it.”

Catch him talk about his love for Chicago and it’s culture up top. For more follow Drea on Instagram and Twitter: @DreaOppan


Waka Flocka Agrees with Claim That He Originated Drill Music

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