“People with not just albinism but all sorts of different people in general exist on an everyday level. We have people in this world who are transsexual, we have people who are gay, we have people who are lesbian.”

Not Your Average Male Model: Shaun Ross Talks Beyoncé and Bullying

Shaun Ross is not lacking in the self-confidence department. “I always knew that I was going to be something great.” the model/actor told ELLE.com on a recent afternoon. And why wouldn’t he be? Ross has walked the runway for Givenchy and Alexander McQueen; he considers Beyoncé “something like family”; and he’s starred in highly artistic music videos opposite bigwig pop stars including Katy Perry (“E.T.”) and Lana Del Rey (the recently released short film, “Tropico”). Added Ross, “I’m thankful but I’m not surprised.”

Fair enough. Still, the 22-year-old is the first to cop to the fact that this exact form of success—namely a meteoric ascension in the notoriously fickle high-fashion universe—is nothing short of miraculous. Not to mention unprecedented: Ross has albinism, a congenital disorder that results in the production of little to no pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes. He’s also African American. To say his look is unique among male models would be an understatement.

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“People with not just albinism but all sorts of different people…

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