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Dubstep producer Borgore grabs G-Eazy on “Forbes.”

G-Eazy has a penchant for working in different styles of EDM and his latest feature comes on a single from Israeli dubstep producer Borgore. “Forbes” starts out with a late-night trappy feel while G-Eazy spits some super cocky party rhymes. Everything starts to climax around 45 seconds in, and as Eazy exclaims, “Look, mama, I made it to Forbes!”, Borgore unleashes an ear-crushing bass drop that’ll either make you wanna vomit or will have you womping about like a neanderthal, depending on your age and/or the amount of amphetamines in your system.

The song may be referring to Eazy’s recent feature on Forbes’s website, which gives him the credit of making “white people cool again.” The song also features production from duo Styles & Complete.

Think G-Eazy should pursue more dubstep?

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Borgore – Forbes Feat. G-Eazy

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